Chacarera Workshop

On Sunday 18 Sep, 14:00 at the Instituto Cervantes, before the start of La Tardecita, Andrea Varas Muñoz will give a one-hour Chacarera workshop. The workshop is free of charge, no need to register.

Andrea Varas Muñoz Andrea Varas Muñoz, Tango 11, Gießen


Chacarera is one of the most famous folklore dances of Argentina. Unlike tango, chacarera can be danced by most people in Argentina, especially in the countryside. People dance it a lot during fiestas and also as a break at many milongas. It is fun to dance and very easy to learn.

Chacarera is danced in couples but without embrace following a given choreography. All couples line up facing each other. The basic idea of chacarera is courtshipping each other in order to find together in the end. The rhythm of chacarera is a 6/8 beat which can be counted as a 3/4 beat as known from the vals beat. Whereas the speed and rhythm of the chacarera can vary a lot, the structure is always the same. A chacarera consists of two identically parts.