La Tardecita

La Tardecita

Established in March 2014, La Tardecita, with around 200 tangueros coming from all over Germany is one of the most visited milongas in Hessen and beyond.

La Tarcedita

Every 3rd Sunday of each month in the “Salón de actos” of the Instituto Cervantes, in Frankfurt

We offer a warm atmosphere, a large wooden floor, a bar with nice cocktails, wine, coffee and snacks.

And we host the best DJ, every time different, to offer you the best dancing experience.

Our DJs


  • Dimitri, Berlin (March)
  • Juliana Thutlwa,  Ludwigshafen (April)
  • Alia Ramadan,  Frankfurt (May)
  • Sascha Weinberger, Darmstadt (June)
  • Karin Betz, Frankfurt (July)
  • Bachar Tangouno, Giessen (August)
  • Lucas Panero, Frankfurt (September)
  • Frankie Loop, Luxembourg (October)
  • Jonas Maria Joma, Cologne (November)
  • Antonio Martinez, Buenos Aires (December)


  • Ricardo el Holandes (January)
  • José Luis Mateo Térres, Frankfurt (February)
  • Naoko Koike, Japan (March)
  • Bachar Bitar, Giessen (April)
  • David, Amsterdam, (May)
  • Alia Ramadan, Frankfurt (June)
  • Jens-Info Brodesser, Bruxelles (July)
  • Harry Wohlfart, Frankfurt (August)
  • Jasmin Muranovic, Wien (September)
  • Aljosha Bukowski, Berlin (October)
  • Theresa Faus, Dresden (November)
  • Hans-Peter Salzer, Regensburg (December)


  • Jonas-Maria Joma, Cologne (January)
  • Siva Krishnamoorthy, Maastricht (February)
  • Mati & Pierpaolo, Pisa (March)
  • Gricel, San Sebastian (April)
  • Harry Wohlfart, Frankfurt (May)
  • Theo Sevdas, Basel (June)
  • Martin Lurch, Stuttgart (July)