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La Tardecita – February 2024

Tardecita February

TDJ: Jonas Maria (Cologne, DE)

Jonas Maria is an enigmatic figure in the vibrant world of tango music, a realm where tradition and innovation often intertwine. Known for his eccentricity and unconventional approach, Jonas has carved a niche for himself as a tango DJ who dares to defy the norms.

With a flair for blending classic tango rhythms with unexpected genres, his performances are a tapestry of sonic surprises that challenge purists and delight open-minded aficionados alike. Jonas’ unique style not only captivates audiences, but also sparks debate among tango enthusiasts, making him a subject of fascination and controversy.

His ability to infuse traditional tango with a modern twist reflects a deep reverence for the genre’s roots while pushing its boundaries into uncharted territory. In a world where tango music oscillates between the nostalgic and the contemporary, Jonas Maria stands as a beacon for those seeking an adventurous musical journey.

Tango Class by Ilaria & Paolo

Time: 14:00 – 14:55
Price: included in the milonga price
Drop-in class. No registration required!

About the teacher:Ilaria and Paolo are originally from Italy, although they’ve been living in Frankfurt for many years, and dance Tango Argentino together for over 10 years.
Their Tango is based on a deep connection with the melody and the rhythmic of the music. They developed their own style after having studied with famous tango maestros in Europe and at the renowned DNI tango school in Buenos Aires where they also developed their pedagogical skills.
Ilaria and Paolo have been teaching in Frankfurt for many years focusing mainly on the fundamentals of tango, the connection and the musicality.


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February 18 2024


Date: February 18
Time: 15:00 - 20:00
Cost: €10
Event Categories:


MAINFELD | Raum für Kultur

Im Mainfeld 6
Frankfurt am Main, 60528 Germany

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  • 14:00 Tango class
  • 15:00 Doors are opening
  • 20:00 End of the last tanda