La Nochecita by DJ Yuling

Written by: Yuling Chen (Taiwan)

First I came to Frankfurt DJ was in February 2019. I have never danced in Frankfurt before, I was very exciting to play music @ Milonga La Nochecita, and dancing with new friends.

The milonga is hosted in Instituto Cervantes Frankfurt, when I arrived at the venue, I was very impressed with the beautiful space, since the weather was cold in February, those large french windows were closed, according to the organizers, during summer time, they open all windows, so people can go outside to chill and hang out when they are too hot from dancing. It is always nice to be able to go outside get some fresh air after some tandas.

The Milonga was from 9pm to 2am, I am glad there were already good amount of people arrived when the door was open. Very soon the floor was full with dancers and energy.

It is a very friendly community; people follow the line of the dance, invite dancers with mirada/cabeceo. The team was warm and welcoming, I felt at home immediately when I meet them. Also I was very surprised to see friends from Taiwan and Cologne, I was so happy to reunion with them in Frankfurt and danced!

Hope my coming DJ trip to Frankfurt in November, I can get to know more new friends. See you soon in Frankfurt!

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